Happy lanyard business team applauding together

Happy business team applauding together

Welcome to Alternative Bring ‘n’ Buy! This is the one stop place for all your sales needs. We have built a bespoke platform that is ready made for all businesses to sell to each others customers in whilst maintaining there brand. Yes that is right. We have created a software that will not only act as your online shop but allow other business owners that sell similar products to you to sell your products.


With our simple easy to use online tool you can import via a excel spreadsheet your complete product list that will allow you then to use our drag and drop tool to arrange the design of your online shop. After you have clearly arranged your shop you then simply go to the next step which will allow you to where you enter your URL. This will then allow the shop to display on your website.

To add to the above software we have also made a customised security software that allows you to control who comes on and off the site of where you work. Our visitor management system is so sophisticated that it will even text you any update you choose with our heavily customisable reports. The software is sold with the full accessories needed to do well with a visitor management system including lanyards and a visitor passes created via plastic cards that can be printed via machines that you can purchase from us or one of our resellers too.

Some of the reports that can be used in the security software include reports that will let you know how long a visitor has been on the site or how long a employee has been in work. The other reports include things like whether a workmen has been on site and which job he has fixed or why he was hasn’t mentioned to finish the job. These type of reports can be fully customised and this means you can have complete control over your business.


Further to this we have a service that can help your business give a more professional look to your customers. This service is a custom staff ID card service along with customised lanyards that will have your logo and chosen colours on the lanyard. This will allow you to look more professional and to add to that charge a little more to the end user. We teamed up with a high qualified company called Lesar to offer this service. There service is second to none and one that many customers have been satisfied with.

Lanyards are often mistaken as merely neck straps or something that is not very important. They are viewed as something that many just lose or throw away. However a lanyard can be very important when it comes to your staff identity cards, phones or keys. They can hold items such as those mentioned that in an organised fashion that is able to help you look more professional rather than being flustered in front of any potential clients. If you would like more information on how lanyards are made there is a great webpage here http://www.lesar.co.uk/lanyards which explains the process really well.