faqHere are some of the most frequently asked questions emailed to us over the years we have be in operation. Please see the questions and answers below:

Question 1 – How much is your service? 

Answer 1 – The cost for our service is so very affordable. We based our pricing on our commission based pricing scheme. The we take 2% of the final checkout up to a fee of £20. So if you sell something for £40 then your fee will be .80 pence.

Question 2 – How much do I make from advertising other people’s products?

Answer 2 – Well again this is based on a commission scheme of 2%. This will be deducted from the seller. This fee is capped up to £7.50 per product. Though this may not seem financially beneficial think of the satisfaction that your customer will have from being able to buy a product from yourselves rather than needing to buy parts from yourself and then potentially your competition.

Question 3 – What other services do you offer? 

Answer 3 – Well there is a few different services we offer including marketing services. We have great success with many of our advertising methods due to the array of data and marketing information we have ascertained over the years. This allows us to look into methods such as SEO and on page optimization to ensure that they rank highly. Really we have many options to help you build your web presence and therefore marketing. The best way to see every option is to contact us via our contact us page.

For more answers to any questions you may have please do not hesitate to contact me via the contact us page or the details on our homepage.